Decoy Lot 1 & 2, and Hammersmith sold this week! Fitzgerald 4-lots coming soon!

Posted November 3, 2020 | Merit Homes Inc Current News

Happy Election Day!

Hope you all go out and vote today, even if the weather isn’t the greatest!

We had a fantastic grand opening weekend, we are all sold out again on available inventory. Decoy Lot 1 & 2 and Hammersmith are all sold as per today! Congratulations to Feisal, our team and the new buyers! Welcome to our neighborhood!

Coming: NOVEMBER, 2020

Check out the progress at our 4- Lot Community in North Rose Hill in Kirkland! Lot 1 is getting staged and going on the market in the next few weeks! A commuters dream location! LUXURY. MODERN. STUNNING.

NEW – our homes are available for PRESALE!

FITZGERALD LOT 1 –$2,100,000
9220 125TH AVE NE

Contact US!
Feisal Ramjee (425) 445-1765

Make your voice heard! Go out and VOTE today!


Team Merit & Anne