How does the warranty work?

First year. Receive a great warranty on your Merit Home.Merit Homes Inc warrants that all workmanship and materials will function and operate as described in the warranty standards booklet.

Year one through six. Receive a great warranty on your Merit Home.Designated structural elements are warrantied for six years, through Residential Warranty Corporation (RWC).

Exclusive coverage for Washington State!

Merit Homes, Inc has also chosen to include RWC’s Exclusive Customized State Limited Warranty on our homes. This warranty is unique in that it is specifically written (with regards to building practices) according to Washington State’s provisions. Many warranties are standard across the nation, have the same terms and are used in every state. RWC’s Customized State Limited Warranty provides you with specific protection for six full years. This warranty complies with state jurisdiction.

3. Receive a great warranty on your Merit Home.

The RWC Warranty adds value to your new home

The RWC Customized State Limited Warranty is an excellent sales tool if you decide to sell your home within the terms of the warranty. The remaining warranty protection automatically transfers to future homeowners.