5 Reasons Move-Down Buyers are Choosing the Urban Series For Their New Single Family Homes

January 12, 2024

5 Reasons Move-Down Buyers are Choosing the Urban Series For Their New Single Family Homes

At some point in time, you may realize that your current house is too large and/or not conducive to your current or future lifestyle needs. Or perhaps you aren't particularly tied down to the location where you live and are ready to move somewhere new with better amenities. In these situations, you may decide to downsize and look for a smaller-footprint home in a more desirable location. 

By doing so, you can enjoy a more affordable mortgage, lower utility bills, and fewer responsibilities. Plus, you won’t have the burden of extra square footage you have to maintain but don’t even use. These days, many new homebuyers are choosing to move down to our Urban Series homes in Kirkland. Keep reading to find out why.

What are Urban Series Homes?

In comparison to our distinctive Merit residences, Urban Series homes are characterized by their compact and efficient designs. These homes have been meticulously crafted to cater to the evolving demands of modern lifestyles and are intended to serve as an alternative option for homebuyers, addressing a gap in traditional new home offerings. Due to their lower price point, these homes make it more attainable to enjoy luxury living in the heart of Kirkland. They’re also ideal for moving down buyers who are downsizing and looking for a home that is easier to maintain. With an Urban Series home, you can reap the benefits of a Northwest Contemporary style in a smaller package at a fraction of the cost.

Good Candidates for Urban Series Home

Our Urban Series homes are popular among many different types of move-down buyers. If any of the following apply to you, then this collection is worth viewing in your new home search: 

  • You are a “move-down” buyer. 
  • Your current home no longer accommodates your lifestyle or needs.
  • Your wish to live in (and maintain)  a smaller home. 
  • You’ve already retired or are approaching retirement
  • You’d like a home that will allow you to age in place comfortably. 
  • You want to live in Kirkland in a modern, sustainable home without breaking the bank.
  • You like the Kirkland area and hope to stay or move there. 

Common Types of Move-Down Buyers 


As people reach retirement or as the young adults move out of their homes, they often want to downsize in order to free up some cash, have less maintenance and upkeep, and enjoy more freedom. By moving to a smaller home, condo, or apartment, you can not only cash in on your equity or your current single-family home, but also cut costs further by no longer having to spend the time and money paying for things like landscaping, remodeling, and repairs. Many of these buyers love the minimal maintenance and limited responsibility of our Urban Series as well as the prime Kirkland location.  

Second Home Buyers 

Another type of move-down buyer is someone looking for a second home. This type of move-down allows homeowners to purchase a smaller, more manageable home or condo in a secondary location. This may be because the buyer wants to be closer to family, friends, or work, near a spot with a lot of attractions, or simply in an area or neighborhood they love.

Why Urban Series Homes are Perfect for Downsizing

There are many reasons our Urban Series homes are ideal for anyone looking to move to Kirkland. Here are five of the most noteworthy ones:

  1. Modern Amenities & Features

With an Urban Series home, you can expect a turnkey space with the modern amenities and features you expect in a luxury new home.. You won’t have to worry about major renovations or upgrades that can be time-consuming and expensive. 

All of our new homes include a chef’s kitchen, complete with quartz countertops, custom soft-close cabinetry, and a large kitchen island, a spa-inspired primary suite, and designer finishes, such as oversized windows, elevated ceilings, and contemporary fireplace designs. In addition, all of our Urban Series homes provide professional front/rear yard landscaping, with many including an outdoor patio or deck that allows for seamless indoor and outdoor entertainment. 

  1. Quality Construction

When choosing an Urban Series home, you can have the utmost confidence that you will receive only the highest level of excellence. Your Northwest Contemporary-style home will be built by highly skilled and experienced tradesmen who know the ins and outs of modern, high-end construction.  An Urban Series home can give you the peace of mind you desire when you downsize. 

  1. Location, Location, Location

Kirkland is the perfect place to downsize, regardless of whether you’ve lived here all your life or are new to the area. Situated a short jaunt from Seattle, it offers an abundance of outdoor activities, top-notch restaurants and  high-end, boutique shopping, plus no shortage of exciting local businesses to support. By downsizing to an Urban Series home in Kirkland, you’ll enjoy easy access to everywhere you need to go, with ample professional services and amenities at your fingertips.

  1. Sustainability

Each and every Urban Series home is all-electric, meaning you can save money on energy and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. You can enjoy a variety of energy-efficient features, such as LED lighting, induction range, mini-split heating and cooling, low-flow showerheads that reduce energy usage by up to 20%, and generous skylights. If you have an electric vehicle, rest assured an EV charger will be available as well.

  1. Attainability

While Kirkland is a popular and great place to live, new construction homes often come with a significant price tag. Many luxury new builds in the area begin well above the $2.5-$3 million price point. An Urban Series home opens the doors to a Northwest Contemporary-style space at a fraction of the cost. They offer an efficient design with less square footage than our signature Merit Homes, but are still equipped with the high end features you’ve come to expect in your new home. Our Urban Series cottage-style homes start in the mid-1M's.

Are You a Move Down Buyer? Contact Merit Homes About Our Urban Series! 

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