The Advantages of All-Electric Homes: The Financial and Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Building

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October 2, 2023

The Advantages of All-Electric Homes: The Financial and Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Building 

The sustainable building trend continues to grow as more and more homeowners prioritize waste reduction, reduced energy consumption, and non-toxic living. If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly home, you may be wondering about the best green components to implement to achieve your goals. There are many options you might be considering: you could opt for a solar roof, non-toxic paint and building materials, EPA-certified windows, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and much more. 

Another sustainable option to consider is an all-electric home. Electric homes are becoming quite popular due to their ability to save money on utilities, reduce health safety risks, and minimize one’s carbon footprint. As a luxury Kirkland home builder, Merit Homes is proud to offer a line of all-electric homes to our customers through the Urban Series, which we will discuss further below. Keep reading to learn more about what an all-electric home is and the many ways that you could benefit from one. 

What is a Sustainable Home?

There is not a single definition of what a “sustainable” home is. Generally speaking, homes that are built with sustainability or energy efficiency in mind have goals like decreasing carbon emissions, cutting down on water and energy usage, and minimizing waste. This can typically be done through the use of renewable energy sources (like solar power), improved insulation, thermal control, air control, and water conservation. The goal is to use as many renewable energy sources as possible, decrease one’s reliance on fossil fuels, and conserve resources. 

All-electric homes are just one way to live sustainably. Because electric homes consume renewable energy, they don’t use as much fossil fuels as a gas home does. Also, one can combine their all-electric home with other sustainable efforts such as solar power or waste reduction to make an even bigger impact. Let's dive deeper into what an electric home is below. 

What Is an All-Electric Home?

Generally speaking, an all-electric home utilizes no gas and runs on just electricity. This means that homeowners or inhabitants run no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas explosions. It also means that fewer fossil fuels are consumed and relied on by the household. 

The core features that make up an all-electric home include: 

  • Electric heat pump: An electric heat pump is a centralized air system that works as both an A/C and a heat source. In cold weather, it functions like a heater, transferring heat inside, and in the hot months, it reverses the process. The heat pump transfers heat outside, like an air conditioner does. In fact, “today’s heat pumps can reduce up to 50% of your energy use for heating” per 
  • Heat pump water heater: A heat pump water heater moves heat from one point to another via electricity rather than directly creating heat. Heat pump technology is the most efficient water heating technology available, using up to 74% less energy than traditional electric water heaters.
  • Induction range stove: Unlike traditional gas or electric stoves that use gas flames and electricity, induction ranges use electromagnetic technology. Induction range stoves offer rapid and precise heating, allowing for faster cooking and more consistent results compared to traditional electric or gas stoves. Additionally, they are highly energy-efficient as they only heat the cookware directly, reducing wasted heat and making them an eco-friendly choice for the kitchen.
  • Electric fireplace inserts: An electric fireplace works to heat the fireplace without any flames. They provide a convenient and clean way to enjoy the ambiance of a cozy fire without the need for wood, gas, or venting systems. They are energy-efficient and can be easily controlled with a remote, offering customizable heat and flame settings for year-round comfort and aesthetics.

Benefits of An All-Electric Home 

Now that you know what an electric home is, here’s a look at the most noteworthy benefits. From financial savings to a more comfortable, smaller footprint lifestyle, they are well worth the investment for many. 

Cost Savings

A home that runs on electricity can save you and your family a significant amount of money in the long run. Compared to gas appliances, electric appliances are less expensive up-front to purchase and also to operate. You also won’t have to worry about paying to install gas lines or meters. In fact, a study by RMI, an Independent Nonprofit Group, found that homeowners “saved up to $6,800 over a 10-15 year period”. If you’re seeking a way to save on home ownership costs and support the environment at the same time, an all-electric home should definitely be of interest to you. 

Improved Air Quality

Clean indoor air is important, especially if you have young children or someone in your household is living with allergies or asthma. Improved air quality can also prevent the spread of viruses. Fortunately, an all-electric home runs on clean energy instead of gas and, in turn, reduces the emission of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other carbon dioxide gasses in the home.This cleaner indoor environment promotes better respiratory health and overall well-being for occupants. A cleaner indoor environment can help occupants breathe better and feel healthier overall.

Better Performances

Electric appliances are known to offer greater precision than their gas counterparts. This means you can enjoy more control over the temperature while you’re using your range, washing machine, or any other appliance. Depending on the appliances you invest in, you might even be able to turn them on or off from your smartphone device. 

Peace and Quiet

If you appreciate a quieter space, you can’t go wrong with an all-electric home. An all-electric home can lead to quieter appliances (and superior performance). All-electric appliances, such as electric stoves, heaters, and water heaters, tend to be quieter than their gas or combustion-based counterparts. All-electric appliances can provide you with the sense of calmness you desire

Healthier Planet

With an all-electric home, you contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a more comfortable environment. If you’ve already invested in a few electric appliances, an all-electric home can take your efforts to the next level. Your family and the planet will certainly thank you in the long run.

Financial Incentives

In an effort to reward homeowners for going all-electric, there are tax credits, rebates, and incentive programs. You can check with your home builder to find out if you qualify for any of them on a state, local, or national level. Currently, there are new federal income tax credits that you can take advantage of through 2032. For example, The federal government provides a tax rebate to homeowners who upgrade their HVAC systems to more energy-efficient models (like an electric heat pump). You are able to recoup $2,000 on installation, regardless of income.

Urban Series All-Electric Homes by Merit Homes

At Merit Home, we recognize the financial, environmental, and lifestyle benefits of electric homes. Our Urban Series homes are detached, single-family dwelling units of 1,700 square feet or less. Internationally built to use less energy and offer exceptional air quality, these homes are 100% electric. They contain all of the features of a Northwest contemporary home, including an intuitive layout, luxury amenities, designer features, and a covered outdoor living space, but place extra emphasis on sustainable, smaller footprint living. In addition, they’re more accessible compared to the typical new construction homes in Kirkland, as their starting price is in the mid $1Ms. 

If you appreciate the look and feel of a Northwest Contemporary Merit style home but are looking for a more attainable, environmentally friendly option, our Urban Series homes are certainly worth considering. They’re perfect for new homeowners, empty nesters, and anyone who prioritizes sustainable living. 

In the event you’re looking for a traditional Northwest Contemporary Merit style home, you can still enjoy a variety of eco-friendly features. These include energy-efficient windows, mini-split HVAC systems, dual flush toilets, and many others. 

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